Custom Bracing & Orthotics

Vancouver Orthopedic Group has been a leading provider of comprehensive orthopedic services in the Greater Vancouver area for over 30 years. Our clinicians have dual certification in prosthetics and orthotics and provide comprehensive treatments in both areas.

Through years of experience gained from working with thousands of clients with numerous conditions, VOG clinicians have developed excellent problem solving abilities. As a result they are well known for their innovation and ability to provide successful outcomes in complex cases. These include custom bracing for sport and occupational injuries, neuromuscular disorders and the management of upper and lower extremity difficulties. This includes stroke, polio or post polio, wound offloading, spinal conditions, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and osteoarthritis.

We also provide orthopedic devices for neurological and orthopedic conditions as a result of the vascular and neuropathic consequences of diabetes mellitus.

Every client is unique and one of VOG’s strengths is in innovation and problem solving to develop the appropriate treatment and device for our clients exact needs. Our clients appreciate our compassionate efforts to help them reach their full functional potential and many have significantly exceeded their initial treatment goals.  


Vancouver Orthopedic Group has extensive experience in most orthopedic areas and has a strong record of successful outcomes with a number of treatments and devices that we utilize. One example is the patella tendon bearing ankle foot orthosis (PTBAFO) used for offloading the foot and ankle complex due to chronic wounds, arthritis, charcot arthropathy or pain management. We have been successful in achieving the right balance of offloading and support to enable clients to heal wounds, avoid amputation, return to work or other desired activities or simply regain pain free basic mobility.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our clients with quality care and innovative solutions. Working with the client’s physicians, therapists and rehab team we have a very successful track record of providing successful outcomes for our clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with a variety of people and to help each of them with their own unique and challenging conditions. Ultimately VOG’s goal is to make a positive difference in each of our patients lives.

My custom wrist / hand braces have worked very well to the point that for the past couple of months I hardly have needed them, only when I overdue it and my hands get a bit numb. They are so comfortable and easy to use, and I bet I’ll use them more in the fall / winter months when I seem to have worsening symptoms. Please thank Randy again for his excellent work!
— EA, North Vancouver

Being a person with disabilities for 22 years my life had so many limitations and I wanted to improve my life. The only two options I had to find relief from pain and to improve my mobility was to amputate below the knee or to receive an ankle brace. I had heard about the brace but was always hesitant to inquire about it as I thought it was way beyond my budget. I was referred to VOG and decided to see what they had to say. I had no expectation when I first came to VOG and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time, care and attention that was given to me. The kind staff has helped me find new life.

(shortly after receiving his custom brace the patient climbed the Grouse Grind for the first time – after years of limited mobility)
— DN, Vancouver, BC

I was very resistant to using a brace for my damaged ankle. After enduring 4 years of steadily increasing pain I felt I had no option but to try it. The brace has made a world of difference. I am able to complete a full days work with much less discomfort. I am also able to enjoy shopping and walks in a limited capacity. This was something I had stopped doing altogether before the brace. Randy has been very helpful in fitting my brace and making any adjustments that have been necessary. I would recommend Vancouver Orthopedic Group to anyone who is suffering from this type of pain.
— BB, Richmond, BC

I have had 14 foot surgeries because of my neuromuscular disease CMT. My physiotherapist at St. Paul’s Hospital recommended I get assessed at Vancouver Orthopedic Group to see if my right foot could get benefit from using an AFO. I’ve been using an AFO on my left foot for 23 years and now my right foot is also in need of support.

I have been very happy with my new hinged AFO’s that were made for me by the team at VOG. They have changed my life. The fit is perfect and they also helped me find shoes to fit.
Thank you so much.