Custom Foot Orthotics

Vancouver Orthopedic Group carries a wide range of custom and non-custom products for, diabetic foot-care, post-operative and other common foot and orthopedic disorders.

Custom foot orthoses are fabricated from molds taken of your feet to capture your unique shape and provide personalized support and comfort. We use a combination of dynamic and static biomechanical assessment techniques to assess your condition and treatment options.

A variety of different materials are used depending upon the condition or pathology being treated such as diabetes, wound offloading, PTTD, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions, flat feet, ankle instability, leg length discrepancy, bone spurs, sesamoiditis, Morton’s neuroma, hallux rigidis, achilles tendintis and many other foot conditions.

We carry a wide range of specialty orthopedic footwear recommended for orthotic users, diabetes, arthritis, unusually shaped or very wide feet, post-operative and other foot conditions. Orthopedic footwear is available from the following specialized companies; Drew, PW Minor, Apex, Pedors, Orthofeet, Ecco and Biotime.

One of our specialties is in diabetic foot-care and the management of diabetic foot problems including wound offloading. We have a wide variety of products including custom and non-custom offloading devices, wound care shoes, diabetic socks and much more.

I have peripheral diabetic neuropathy which results in foot and hand pain as well as walking and balance problems. I used to not be able to be on my feet for more than an hour or two and with disabling pain at that. I could not work.

Neither a GP, podiatrist, neurologist nor 2 orthotic companies had any solutions for me so I thought I should just get my problem left foot amputated. Not the cleverest of ideas but underlines how desperate I felt. Anyway, this led to my calling VOG because they had the word “prosthetics” in their name. I wanted to know what I was in for.

Ben Speicher, a senior certified prosthetist and orthotist handled the first interview. He laughed about my idea and told me I could keep my foot but needed a full bed multi-layered foam orthotic. Since then, now ten years ago, I’ve been using full bed orthotics by VOG being able to be able to work long days without pain. I occasionally use a brace, also by VOG, which goes from toe to knee on my left leg. It’s for when I have to stand in one spot for long periods. As with riding a bicycle, if I’m not rolling forward, I can barely balance.

VOG has the rare combination where they are both highly professional while remaining generously personable. None of the usual “your call is important to us” gloss and spin. They care. They go the extra yard. They work. Everyone from the manager to technicians to receptionists. They even tolerate my stupid jokes. It’s likely your experience with them will be as good as mine has been. Just don’t make stupid jokes.
— CVT, Crescent Valley, BC
I was referred to VOG by the foot clinic at St Paul’s Hospital. I have suffered from severe foot and ankle pain for many years due to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. After a thorough assessment they fabricated a pair of custom foot orthotics using a combination of materials. At the fitting I could immediately feel pain relief and since then my feet haven’t felt this good in years. I am so grateful to them for giving me pain free mobility and a new lease on life!
— MS, Richmond, BC
I am completely satisfied by the services I have received. I highly recommend this company for high quality Orthotic services.
— AA, Vancouver